How Machine Sees You

You may have heard of machine learning. With machine learning and image processing, How Machine Sees You demonstrates what machine sees the images you upload. It is using machine learning and image processing. It is still learning..
Have you ever wondered what machines see when they see your picture? You can try it yourself. For free!

Easy To Use

It’s really easy. Just select your photo and click on “Start Process” button. Let the magic happen.

Use Cases

You can use any photo. It could be your own, your pet’s, favorite person’s or favorite place’s. You choose!


After processing your photo, the app will give you the results. In seconds!
Apart from what you see with your very bare eyes, this app allows you to see what a machine processes behind the curtain and shows accuracy confidence by percentage.
If you prefer to, you may use them as instagram hashtags too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What will the app show to me?

The app will show you a report of what it sees in your picture. It will show the image tags and how confident it is about the tag.

How can I use it?

It’s easy. Just select a photo from your library and click the “Start Process” button. That’s it.

Where can I download the app?
Which platforms does the app support?

It’s available at iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

Will there be any surprises?

You are a curious one aren’t you?
I like you.


What is a credit?

Using this app is free, but you have to wait for 2 minutes for the image to be reprocessed. If you don’t want to
wait, you can buy credits. It will bypass the waiting time.

How many times can I process with 1 credit?

1 Credit = 1 Process

How can I get credits?

From the app; you can click on the Add credits button on the top-right of the home screen. It will redirect you to the store page. You can click on Buy now button of the credit you want. This process will be done by Apple Store. So we don’t see your credit card information.

Will I pay for it recursively?

No, payments are not subscriptions, they are consumable. If you buy 5 credit and don’t buy another, you don’t pay anymore.

If I reinstall the app, can I use my remaining credits?

No. To keep the privacy maximum, we don’t store user information. For later versions, it might be an option
but for now, you can’t restore your credits for the following (and similar) situations:

  • Uninstall/install app
  • Change your phone
  • Reset your phone to factory settings

Have you ever wondered how machine sees you?

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